Strict Schema Mode : Adding and removing properties

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Feb 3, 2015, 12:28:45 PM2/3/15
According to the documentation, to operate in strict schema mode you need to set the "mandatory" option to a field which should force the presence of the field. While the "not null" should force having a value in the field. But the database does not behave exactly like that. Instead, If I set mandatory, not only the field presence is forced but I am also forced to input a value.

Second, if I add a mandatory field after objects has been created, the fields does not get added to the old objects, I need to enter each of them to add the new field. While If I delete a mandatory property / field from the schema, all object that had that field remain into the object. So I need to manually delete the field in each object.

Is there a way to work in true full schema mode where adding and removing properties/field from a class will modify all the objects in the database matching the same class.

I imagine that it could be done with a query, but it should be logical that the "Strict Schema Mode" is actually a "Mode" activated with some option or parameter to make the DB behave differently.

Luigi Dell'Aquila

Feb 4, 2015, 4:35:25 AM2/4/15

current implementation of schema manipulation is not so strict, and especially is not related to already existing data, but only to new operations. We know this is an issue and we are addressing it, you will find important changes about this in next releases



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