Immutable API wrappers?

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Vladimir Leberstein

Jun 9, 2015, 1:19:37 PM6/9/15

Hi! First of all: OrientDb is fantastic! Keep up the good work :)
My issue is not directly related to OrientDb but still.
I'm using OrientDb java API from Scala and Akka and my use case implies that single transaction(which is bound to thread-dependant database instance and hence is contained inside special holder actor) have to be accessed from number of other actors. My initial idea was to just create simple message-based wrappers for necessary OrientDb functionality(e.g. CreateV(klass: String, props: Map[String, Any]) for vertex creation and so on) however this doesn't work quite well for requests which should respond with OrientDb class instances(e.g. SearchResult(content: Set[ODocument])) cause they're mutable and not thread-safe.
I've noticed that there is OImmutableRecordId and it makes me ask before I start implementing everything myself: are there any plans to add immutable wrappers for other OrietnDb data structures? Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!
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