OrientDB-3.1.1-tp3 docker / Problems connecting to gremlin with external config

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spee dy

Jul 26, 2020, 12:21:07 PM7/26/20
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I have the following setup:

docker run -d --name orientdb-3-1-1-tp3 -p 2424:2424 -p 2480:2480 -p 8182:8182^

I run the above command on Windows to get a docker container with OrientDB.

var client = new GremlinClient(new GremlinServer("", 8182, false, "root", "myPassword"), graphSONReader: reader);
var connection = new DriverRemoteConnection(client);

With the above 2 lines I can connect to the database with Gremlin.NET from another docker container (.Net-Core running inside a docker container).

With this setup, the connection works fine.

Now the Problem:

1. I copied the config folder of the tar.gz of the same version used above to a local folder. The docker build replaces the gremlin-server.yaml, so I did the same using the file from the repository.
The tar.gz -> https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/orientdb3/releases/3.1.1/orientdb-tp3-3.1.1.tar.gz
The repository -> https://github.com/orientechnologies/orientdb-docker/tree/aed159fad95d387cb6797559504596043b129f2f/release/3.1.x/3.1.1-tp3

2. After step 1, I mount the config folder like this:

docker run -d --name orientdb-3-1-1-tp3 -p 2424:2424 -p 2480:2480 -p 8182:8182^
    -v G:/Docker/Volumes/OrientDB-Config:/orientdb/config ^

I thought this would have the same behavior as the original setup, only that I now get access to the config files and could start tweaking them from here.

Instead, now my gremlin.net connection fails with a "Remote connection refused"

What did I do wrong? What configuration changed by adding the external volume?

If someone could help me figuring this out, it would be much appreciated.
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