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Avnish Patel

Dec 7, 2019, 9:21:19 AM12/7/19
to OrientDB
I am only recently discovering the power of graph databases and have settled on OrientDB as a desired solution.

The multi-model support and the accessibility of the extended SQL have made getting started incredibly simple. As I am developing proof-of-concepts, not only have these features made life easier, they have also been valuable ammunition in the elevator pitch to management.

As I am exploring other tools and techniques to support the workflows I envisage, I have come across JetBrains' DataGrip. It seems incredibly powerful, enabling us to streamline a number of database interactions, thus saving time and ensuring cleanliness and consistency in our desired DB solution.

We are at something of an inflection point in deciding whether to continue along the RDBMS route or pivot to a more powerful and extensible DB solution in anticipation of projects and initiatives that would leverage some of the key features of Graph DBs. Since OrientDB is versatile enough and compatible out-of-the-box, I feel this is a key opportunity to show what it can do and truly communicate its potential value over existing solutions.

In this regard, I wondered if it would be possible to work with JetBrains to provide an OrientDB plugin. Currently, they have support only for RDBMS. Since OrientDB offers a compatible interface, it would seem a pioneering opportunity to be the first GraphDB solution to join their suite:  
While we don’t provide an API to build this kind of plugins, we are open to building the support ourselves, with help from vendors of these systems. 

I expect there may be some challenges in building full graph support, but basic SQL would make OrientDB sufficiently usable as with the existing RDBMS offerings.

And that abstracts away the need to use an RDBMS at all, if need be..
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