How can i shard OrientDB ?

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dileep kandimalla

May 9, 2016, 3:59:08 AM5/9/16
to OrientDB
In the process of scaling orientDB i am looking into sharding. Here i tried sharding a class by creating clusters and storing into different servers as mentioned in , but i could not able to find clusters at desired servers as per the configuration. Can any one of you let me know is my configuration correct or am i doing the changes as desired?

Steps Followed:

1) Started a node1 in dserver mode, 

2) Once node1 is active started node2 & node3, Here i could see like all the three node are connected.

3) created a database at node1 as "autoDeploy" is true, database started replicating to node2, node3 as well.

4) Created a class "actionevent" at node1, now it should create a default, actionevent_node1, actionevent_node2, actionevent_node3 clusters and those clusters should be placed at the servers as mentioned in the config file. but i could not see like clusters are being placed at the servers as mentioned in the config file.

My default-distributed-db-config.json file is  (actionevent is a class)

  "autoDeploy": true,
  "hotAlignment": false,
  "executionMode": "undefined",
  "readQuorum": 1,
  "writeQuorum": 2,
  "failureAvailableNodesLessQuorum": false,
  "readYourWrites": true,
  "servers": {
    "*": "master"
  "clusters": {
    "internal": {
    "index": {
      "actionevent_node1": {
      "servers" : [ "node1", "node2", "node3" ]
    "actionevent_node2": {
      "servers" : [ "node1", "node2" ]
    "actionevent_node3": {
      "servers" : [ "node3" ]
    "*": {
      "servers": [ "<NEW_NODE>" ]

Luca Garulli

May 9, 2016, 5:34:28 AM5/9/16
to OrientDB
Hi Dileep,

The best thing is that you prepare a default-distributed-db-config.json file where you decide how to distributed the database, then start OrientDB instances.

Best Regards,

Luca Garulli
Founder & CEO


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dileep kandimalla

May 11, 2016, 6:47:53 AM5/11/16
to OrientDB
Hi Luca,

I have done the changes in default-distributed-db-config.json (as mentioned in the orientdb manual), then started orientdb instances (node1, node2, node3) and created a class (actionevent). OrientDB versions tried with are 2.1.16 community & enterprise editions.

Please do find the config below
Ideally, as per the default-distributed-db-config.json configuration actionevent_node1 cluster need to be placed at all the three nodes (node1, node2,node3), actionevent_node2 at node1 & node2 , actionevent_node3 at node3.

But, i could not see that the clusters are getting created at desired servers as mentioned in the config file.

Can you please help me out in resolving the issue?

Maxim Nikolaev

Mar 14, 2018, 2:00:04 AM3/14/18
to OrientDB
Please help, I have same problem , who have skills in this.question
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