How to have Orientdb shard in distributed mode?

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Darren Blaber

Jun 2, 2015, 2:03:15 PM6/2/15
I have seen older references to sharding (!searchin/orient-database/shard/orient-database/DqXQ9qPYo5w/EPP0y-y0H20J). Is it still possible to have orientdb (2.1) to automatically shard? In the documentation I am reading, it says cluster strategy is to always prefer local, which I am guessing whatever server the client is connecting to will get the data. Do any of the other cluster selection strategies work, such as round robin, balanced or even writing out own java cluster selection strategy work?

Also, is it possible configure sharding generically for all tables? I tried changing distributed-db-config.json and using the *, and listing the nodes I want it replicated to, but how do you specify sharding?
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