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Feb 5, 2015, 9:41:25 AM2/5/15
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Hi there,

I recently was developing some stuff in Neo4J but was attracted by OrientDB because it is more flexible in storing nested documents as attributes.

However I am missing some features I had in Neo4J. i am wondering whether I simply cannot find the or whether they are not there in OrientDB:

- We are building route planning in a geographical realm. We want to use A-Star as a search algorithm. Is there a A-Star implementation in OrientDB?
- In Neo4J we had to write our custom node-expander to block certain connections of our graph. E.g. connections where attributes have a specific value. Is it possible to extend existing functions like Dijkstra in OrientDB?
- If I use Dijkstra, how to I get all Node and all Edges that are part of the path?

All answers would help me a lot!

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