Creating indexes on embedded document properties

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Rodrigo Abt

Apr 3, 2016, 5:13:15 PM4/3/16
to OrientDB
Hi guys,

I'm using OrientDB 2.1.14 with OS X El Capitan. I've been developing a complex model which involves saving lists of documents inside properties. So I have a vertex class named "Student" with a property called "profile" of type EmbeddedList. Here is sample of data saved in that property:

select profile from Student limit 1


I have no problems querying the data:

select from Student where profile contains (

But it's slow. I was planning to create an index on "". So I tried lots of alternatives, but only this one actually created an index:

CREATE INDEX idx ON Student ( notunique string

 However a query on that index:

select from index:idx limit 2


    "result": [
            "@type": "d",
            "@version": 0,
            "key": "[111]",
            "rid": "#22:2871",
            "@fieldTypes": "rid=x"
            "@type": "d",
            "@version": 0,
            "key": "[27096, 32672]",
            "rid": "#22:2888",
            "@fieldTypes": "rid=x"
    "notification": "Query executed in 0.025 sec. Returned 2 record(s)"

where "key" returns a list evaluated as a string. If I try:

select from index:idx where key = 32672

it gives nothing, but if I use:

select from index:idx where key = '[27096, 32672]'
it works. What am I doing wrong?. I need to query each id independently.

Please help. Thanks.


scott molinari

Apr 4, 2016, 2:14:34 AM4/4/16
to OrientDB
I believe you can only single out keys in indexes on embedded maps, as mentioned in the docs.

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