How do I traverse this graph?

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Feb 5, 2015, 8:00:36 PM2/5/15
Hi group,

Been messing around with OrientDB for a while now, and I've done quite a number of queries in their SQL, but I cannot get real graph traversal to work. In the attachment is a graph structure that I have in my database, and I'm trying to traverse the yellow line.

My thinking is, I could start with a project (_id = 14) then traverse my way to the connected items?

I have been doing things like the below, but I either get only one item, none, or projects – I don’t want projects, as I was trying to get items.

traverse TYPE_Project.RELATIONSHIP_scopes, TYPE_PermissionNode.RELATIONSHIP_observedBy from (select * from type_project where _id) LIMIT 10 // returns project 14

SELECT expand(out('RELATIONSHIP_observedBy')) FROM (
  SELECT expand(out('RELATIONSHIP_scopes')) from TYPE_Project WHERE TYPE_Project._id = 14
)  limit 10 // returns nothing

select * from (
  traverse TYPE_Project.RELATIONSHIP_scopes, TYPE_PermissionNode.RELATIONSHIP_observedBy from (
    select from TYPE_Project WHERE _id = 14
  ) while $depth <= 3 and (@class = 'TYPE_Item')
) where @class = 'TYPE_Item' // returns nothing

(and so on and so forth, I’ve tried many things, I must just not be getting it)

So: how do I traverse this graph?

Your help much appreciated!

Thank you! Sander.


Feb 5, 2015, 8:32:49 PM2/5/15

Did you try:

SELECT expand( out('scopes').out('ObservedBy') ) FROM Project WHERE projectID=14


I think it will give you the Item ... However I don t know how to get all the info from all the traversed nodes (Project + PermissionNode + Item) but if someone can give the answer I need it :)


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