Is there a JSON Schema for the OrientDB-ETL Config files?

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William Marshall

Jun 24, 2015, 11:40:21 AM6/24/15
I know there is documentation on how to write the JSON Config files, but is there an actual JSON Schema file I can use for validation of existing config files and auto-completion when writing new ones?  Going through pages of examples, and documentation every time I need to write a new config file is inconvenient at best.

William Marshall

Jul 23, 2015, 5:17:42 PM7/23/15
Alright, so going by the complete lack of any response I assumed that no such schema exists.  So I set about creating my own.  With the exception of fixing typos and not requiring skipFrom and skipTo properties in the CSV Transformer, this schema should match up with the OrientDB-ETL Configuration documentation as of 2015-07-23 20:56 UTC.

That said, it needs testing.  All the working ETL config files I validated with it checked out, but I'd appreciate if others would give it a shot and tell me if it validated their config files successfully for them.  

I also tested Visual Studio autocomplete and it seems to be working as well (see screenshot below).

Please let me know if you find any issues.

EDIT 2015-07-27 14:03 UTC - Updated the JSON file to remove quotes around a boolean default value in the Extractor section.
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