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Armand Puccetti

Jul 15, 2019, 7:10:31 PM7/15/19
to OrientDB
I am new to OrientDB and exploring how its JSON importation module works in order to build a database of heterogenous documents.
For this, I installed version 3.0.21 and run the OrientDB server and Studio.
I attempted to run the example of importing a JSON file into demoDB , using the documentation instructions:

- I adapted the configuration file as below:
  "config": {
    "log": "debug"
  "source" : {
    "file": { "path": "/Users/armand/GIT/markdown-report/examples/orient/database.json" }
  "extractor" : {
    "json": {}
  "transformers" : [
    { "merge": { "joinFieldName": "id", "lookup": "" } },
    { "vertex": { "class": "Account"} },
    { "edge": {
      "class": "Friend",
      "joinFieldName": "friends",
      "lookup": "",
      "unresolvedLinkAction": "CREATE"
    } }
  "loader" : {
    "orientdb": {
      "dbURL": "remote:localhost/demodb",
      "dbUser": "admin",
      "dbPassword": "admin",
      "dbAutoDropIfExists": true,
      "dbAutoCreate": true,
      "standardElementConstraints": false,
      "tx": false,
      "wal": false,
      "batchCommit": 1000,
      "dbType": "graph",
      "classes": [{"name": "Account", "extends":"V"}, {"name": "Friend", "extends":"E"}, {"name": 'Enemy', "extends":"E"}],
      "indexes": [{"class":"Account", "fields":["id:integer"], "type":"UNIQUE_HASH_INDEX" }]

and with a JSON source file exactly the same as in the documentation, namely:



  "name": "Joe",

  "id": 1,

  "friends": [2,4,5],

  "enemies": [6]



  "name": "Suzie",

  "id": 2,

  "friends": [1,4,6],

  "enemies": [5,2]



- then, I ran ETL in a bash console on macOSX:

$ ~/Downloads/orientdb-3.0.21/bin/ import.json

OrientDB etl v.3.0.21 - Veloce (build 1d8b0c01ca8fe12a516bba355681e3ec8b218d1d, branch 3.0.x)

2019-07-15 17:02:27:193 INFO  Default limit of open files (512) will be used. [ONative]Exception in thread "main" com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OConfigurationException: Error on loading config file: import.json

at com.orientechnologies.orient.etl.OETLProcessorConfigurator.parseConfigAndParameters(

at com.orientechnologies.orient.etl.OETLProcessor.main(

Caused by: import.json (No such file or directory)

at Method)




at com.orientechnologies.orient.etl.OETLProcessorConfigurator.parseConfigAndParameters(

... 1 more

Any idea of what went wrong? Perhaps the loader dbURL field?
Thanks for any help.


Aaron Laws

Jul 21, 2019, 6:30:46 PM7/21/19
I'm not sure as I haven't done that before, but based on the error, perhaps try an absolute path? If you want to keep using a relative path, you'll need to figure out whence that relative path is resolved (does the script change directories? etc.).

In Christ,
Aaron Laws


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