Insertion into Graphs using txt file

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Harinath K

Feb 4, 2015, 2:24:05 AM2/4/15
Hi all . I have data set  as below in txt while which contains the transaction of users. 
# FromNodeId    ToNodeId
0                             1
0                             2
0                             3
0                             4
0                             5
1                             0
1                             2
1                            4
1                            5
1                            15
2                            0
2                             11
2                             12

I need help how to create vertex and create edge between them. How can I do using program in automated way?. Node must not be repeated. any help would be useful for my project based on recommendation engine.

Luigi Dell'Aquila

Feb 4, 2015, 4:48:22 AM2/4/15
Hi Arinath,

if it's just a one-shot batch insert, you can write a simple Java program and use OGraphBatchInsertBasic class, that is specifically designed for this simple use case.

Otherwise you could think about using OrientDB ETL and define a simple importer from CSV, see

Of course, doing the same in Java using Graph API would be a matter of a few lines of code, if you need help on this just let as know



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