The engine wrote a lot during insertion

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Hung Tran

May 18, 2016, 4:13:38 AM5/18/16

I am using OrientDB community version 2.1.9 on Ubuntu v14.0, the VPS is 8GB ram / SSD, and the startup settings are "-Xmx256m -storage.diskCache.bufferSize=2048", the current RAM usage is about 2713 MB.

I only have a single user online (me), and trying to import 200000 records into a Document database, each transaction inserts 2 records. It took about 20+ minutes to complete (about 166 transactions per second). Each record has less than 1KB user data => the insert speed should be about 332 KBps, however, it took about 5 MBps. Is it a normal behavior?

During insertion, the database engine was trying to write into files as following


Here is the table structure

and indices on the class

Any idea will be appreciated!

My Best,
Hung Tran

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