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Welcome to the ORCID API Users Group!

Use this group to post and respond to general ORCID API questions, issues, and requests to this group. Member organizations with questions specific to your integration and workflow can also contact support@orcid.org directly for investigation.

If there is a planned or unplanned ongoing outage we’ll post details here. We also have a public monitoring page at http://status.orcid.org.

Limits on using the ORCID APIs:
v1.2: Requests per second - 8; Burst (number of requests allowed to be queued before rejecting) - 40
v2.0: Requests per second - 24; Burst - 40
v3.0: Requests per second - 24; Burst - 40
If you exceed the burst, you'll get a 503 responses, and if you keep hitting the limits you'll get a message from us about how to better optimize your calls,

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