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Chris Rookyard

Oct 1, 2020, 10:50:44 AM10/1/20
to ORCID API Users

Hello all,

I am creating a web application that would, among other things, store a user's credentials for a number of other sites.  For an idea of what I mean, it will be in the manner of a password manager; in fact, I will probably be incorporating some sort of password-management application/library into my application, so as not to re-invent the wheel.  

My problem is that I would like users to be able to sign-in to the application via ORCID, and once they've signed in, my application would use something private from the ORCID sign-in process to then decrypt the various credentials in my application's database.  Are there any standard, private-but-available-to-trusted-parties entries in an ORCID ID?  All help gratefully received.

Many thanks,


Simpson, Will

Oct 1, 2020, 11:48:41 AM10/1/20
to Chris Rookyard, ORCID API Users
Hi Chris,

There's nothing in the ORCID Record that you could use for that.

I think you could use ORCID as a sign in mechanism, but then prompt the user for a strong passphrase to decrypt their stuff, ideally doing everything on the client side so that the passphrase is not sent over the network.

Best regards,


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