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jessica lemmons

Jun 30, 2021, 11:46:50 AM6/30/21
I have lost my orchid id number and it was for my highblood pressure medication and my cancer research paper. Someone managed to get into the account and activate all the grants and use almost 4 million in the grants and place them under awash pressure I do not not understand .

On Sat, Apr 10, 2021, 11:30 AM <> wrote:
Sheila Rabun <>: Apr 10 11:18AM -0700

Hi Susan,
The best practice for confirming that you have the correct iDs for the
correct people involves using the ORCID API to have those individuals
connect their authenticated ORCID iD via the ORCID API OAuth process.
Otherwise, there is alot of room for error in terms of making sure you have
accurate ORCID iDs for the people in your repository. The current DSpace
plugins for ORCID do not use the best practice, but rather you can either
use the Public API to "lookup" ORCID iDs based on name - which again leaves
room for error, or as a work-around you can obtain authenticated ORCID iDs
from a different local ORCID API integration or a custom microservice and
then load those into DSpace via CSV - other institutions in the ORCID US
Community have done this for example by taking ORCID iDs that were
authenticated in Symplectic Elements, which has an ORCID member API
integration, and then importing those confirmed iDs into DSpace. The DSpace
CRIS code however does use the best practice for authentication so that is
definitely worth looking at. Univ. of Michigan is an ORCID member through
the ORCID US Community consortium, and I am your dedicated support person -
I can work with you to assess the options and find the best route to meet
your goals. Please feel free to contact me directly at I look forward to working with you
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