Optiq 1.0: Building a strong library

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Jacques Nadeau

Jul 27, 2014, 12:11:44 AM7/27/14
to opti...@googlegroups.com
I started with a tl;dr but I decided to simplify.  I have a few suggestions that I think would be good (and am willing to back them up with developer effort).

1. Let's come up with an agreed set of processes around feature design docs, commits and changes to interfaces.  Trying to maintain a large codebase against another codebase that is constantly in flux makes things very difficult.

2. Let's separate the optimizer from execution entirely and remove all code generation from the optimizer module. With modularization, teams that use only subcomponents (like the Drill team) will be able to better provide test cases as they can build test cases against the interfaces they are using as opposed to much higher (unknown) levels.

3. Let's commit to test cases for all feature patches and bug fixes.  If something is a shared feature, let's maintain a separate feature branch until the feature is complete and test cases are provided and then pick the right version to merge.

4. Let's do a hackathon focused on getting our first Apache release out.  I'll get it set up if people are in support of it.

As I said, I'm willing to put mine and my team's effort against these goals if others are on board.


Jason Altekruse

Jul 28, 2014, 5:49:02 PM7/28/14
to opti...@googlegroups.com

I haven't done a ton with optiq so far, but I would like to get more involved. Some of the work I was doing with Drill logical plan submission was bumping into a few of the pain points of strong coupling between modules. I think these issues can be resolved without too much effort and provide a better library to Drill and all of the projects using optiq.

I would definitively be in favor of a hackathon to work towards the first official release in the incubator. I will be moving to San Jose this week, so I will be able to attend in person :)

-Jason Altekruse

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Julian Hyde

Jul 29, 2014, 4:43:24 AM7/29/14
to opti...@googlegroups.com

Great ideas. They all help clarify what we are building and how we are building it. I am +1 on each.

Regarding 4. Given that the first release will be 0.9.0-incubating, not 1.0, and I'd like to get an RC to a vote within 2 weeks, do you think that the hackathon will deliver what we need? If not, I'd be excited to do a hackathon shortly after 0.9.0, working towards 1.0 goals.


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