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Julian Hyde

May 7, 2014, 7:41:04 PM5/7/14
Per the monthly release schedule, optiq-0.7 is due soon. It will consist of about 40 commits [2].

The present plan is to freeze end-of-business on Friday, and release on Monday.

If there are some patches you are working on that you’d like to get into the release, please speak up now. Let me know when you think you’ll be ready to create a pull request.

Of the issues I tagged “for next release” there are 5 still open [1]. They are stretch goals; with luck I will finish #56 and #62.


[2] Draft release notes

* Test composite join conditions in various flavors of outer join.
  "Support column alias in WITH queries (common table expressions)".
* Implement table functions.
* Use `fromTrait` of the just previously converted `RelNode` instead
  of the original `RelNode`.
* Expand 'relationships to other Apache projects' section in incubator
* Fix build errors on JDK 1.6.
  "Improve support for ARRAY data type".
* Better type information for JDBC Array; nested array now possible.
* Implement `JOIN LATERAL` and `JOIN UNNEST`.
* Disable MongoDB a test, pending
* Implement the `UNNEST` relational operator, and various improvements
  to `ARRAY` and `MULTISET` data types.
* Improve exception message in `AvaticaConnection`; add
* Fix return type inference for aggregate calls: it should consider
  number of items in `GROUP BY` clause.
* Represent `ARRAY` columns as Java lists; implement
* Add Apache incubator proposal
* Avoid excessive box and unbox of primitives when using Object[] storage.
* Hush warnings from `SplunkAdapterTest` if Splunk is not available.
* Provide an option to create root schema without the "metadata" schema.
  "Scalar sub-query that returns 0 rows should become NULL value".
* Upgrade maven-release-plugin.
* Upgrade to linq4j-0.3.
* Mark SqlFunctions as @Deterministic (with some exceptions);
  support `static final` constants generated by linq4j.
* Move optimizer to linq4j, improve translation of strict functions
* Get sub-schemas defined by a Schema SPI, and cache their OptiqSchema
  wrappers. (Tobi Vollebregt and Julian Hyde)
  "Document JSON model file format"
* Tweak parallelism of optiq-plus test suite.
  "Modify Schema SPI to allow caching".
* Implement scalar sub-query in SELECT clause.
* `SplunkAdapterTest` now uses the same Foodmart database as `JdbcTest`.
  "SplunkAdapterTest fails".
* Remove unused constructor parameter.
* Remove some obsolete classes.
* Some TPC-H columns have type DATE.
  "Add adapter that generates TPC-H data".
  "Suspicious map.get in VolcanoPlanner.reregister".

Vladimir Sitnikov

May 10, 2014, 7:44:22 AM5/10/14
I think I'll send PRs for literals/primitives in windowed aggregates and sqladvisor through jdbc today.

Julian Hyde

May 12, 2014, 1:50:16 PM5/12/14
Into the final stretch. I intend to release 0.7 tomorrow. Dealing with a few last pull requests today.

Vladimir, You made a few pull requests over the weekend (#279, #276, #275). They are looking good, so they should make it in.

Jacques, Are you working on #247? It won’t make the release in its current state.

By the way, the Apache incubator vote is still in progress, but seems to be going well:


Jacques Nadeau

May 12, 2014, 2:36:53 PM5/12/14
For 247, it looks like it is small changes so I'll try to get you an update by eod.  How do you feel about ExternalContext, SessionContext or PlanningSessionContext instead of FrameworkContext?  


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Julian Hyde

May 12, 2014, 3:46:43 PM5/12/14
On May 12, 2014, at 11:36 AM, Jacques Nadeau <> wrote:

> For 247, it looks like it is small changes so I'll try to get you an update by eod. How do you feel about ExternalContext, SessionContext or PlanningSessionContext instead of FrameworkContext?

Let’s go with PrepareContext.

There’s potential confusion with OptiqPrepare.Context, so I will rename that interface at some point.

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