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Julian Hyde

Apr 20, 2014, 5:41:14 PM4/20/14

I've merged your 4 linq4j pull requests. Great work -- thank you. Now I want to get optiq working against the latest linq4j, and therein lies the problem.

The tests all work in linq4j, but there are problems when optiq uses them. There are two branches of optiq that use the linq4j-0.3-SNAPSHOT -- my and your and both have a few failures:

Tests in error: 
  JdbcTest.testReuseExpressionWhenNullChecking5:1561 » Runtime exception while e...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testGreaterThanOperatorIntervals:1953 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testMultiplyOperator:2504 » Runtime j...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testPlusOperator:2659 » Runtime java....
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testExtractFuncFromDateTime:4064 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testGreaterThanOrEqualOperator:2065 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testGreaterThanOrEqualOperatorIntervals:2085 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testLessThanOrEqualOperatorInterval:2307 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testBetween:267 » Runtime java.sql.SQ...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testOrOperatorLazy:2636 » Runtime jav...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testLessThanOrEqualOperator:2284 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest.testPrefixMinusOperatorIntervals » StackOverflow
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testLessThanOperator:2223 » Runtime j...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testDivideOperator:1803 » Runtime jav...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testMultiplyIntervals:2561 » Runtime ...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testAndOperatorLazy:1779 » Runtime ja...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testDivideOperatorIntervals:1851 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testExtractFunc:4011 » Runtime java.s...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testPlusIntervalOperator:2726 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testMinusOperator:2341 » Runtime java...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testMinusIntervalOperator:2399 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testGreaterThanOperator:1921 » Runtime
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testPlusOperatorAny:2721 » Runtime ja...
  OptiqSqlOperatorTest>SqlOperatorBaseTest.testNotBetween:297 » Runtime java.sql...

Tests run: 1407, Failures: 1, Errors: 24, Skipped: 77

Can you please provide an optiq branch that works against linq4j HEAD?


Vladimir Sitnikov

Apr 21, 2014, 6:45:36 AM4/21/14

Julian Hyde

Apr 21, 2014, 2:29:44 PM4/21/14
On Apr 21, 2014, at 3:45 AM, Vladimir Sitnikov <> wrote:
Thanks — we’re making good progress. One remaining issue: When that is resolved I will release linq4j-0.3 merge optiq#249.

FYI, here’s how I run optiq suite in comprehensive mode:

mvn -Doptiq.test.{mongodb,splunk,slow}=true -Doptiq.test.db=mysql clean install

You can omit mongodb and splunk if you don’t have those installed, but you can run slow if you have the time & memory. It is the ‘slow’ option that runs tpc-h and found this problem.


Vladimir Sitnikov

Apr 21, 2014, 4:10:53 PM4/21/14
Here's the fix for self-referencing-in-initializer field:
TpchTest passes: 14 pass, 13 ignored, 27 total
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