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Horand Gassmann

Apr 16, 2014, 10:14:18 AM4/16/14
to Mostafa.B, Tony Kelman,

I tried to work on ticket 54. (It's a little difficult, because I do not have access to a machine with MinGW just now.) However, I updated the source and all the externals, I ran BuildTools, configure and make. On my Linux system it compiles and passes the unit test, so I have committed (changes to configure and make files). There is no Mumps/stable/1.4.13 (which does not seem to conform to version numbering conventions), so I am not sure if this addresses your problems.

Pleased let me know if this fixes things; I will keep ticket 54 opened for the time being.



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The Mumps config version is 1.4 not 1.4.13 which is latest. Comparing them they are a bit different.
By the way as Tony suggested I made a new ticket in to avoid further spamming.



On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Tony Kelman <<>> wrote:
Which version of OS did you download? trunk, stable, or a release? The SVN externals from some versions of OS to ThirdParty/Mumps might be a little out-of-date and not contain the fix on this line:

To anyone who’s on the OS mailing list but not Couenne’s, see back-and-forth here:

Mosy, there’s no need to send a message about the same problem to 3 different mailing lists. It’s mostly the same group of people since these projects are tightly coupled. To save everyone some spam, it’s probably best if we take this to a Trac ticket until we get it completely resolved. If ticket account privileges aren’t working, we can stick to off-list email (maybe cc’ing anyone who shows a personal interest in helping out). Then we can report a summary of problems and their individual resolution to the list at the end, for archival purposes.


From: Mostafa.B<>
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 2:16 AM
Subject: [OS] Trouble installing trunk

Hi All,

I am having trouble Compiling OS. I use MinGW-64 with gcc 4.7.1
The steps taken are:
1. Get Third Party
2. configure
3. make
4. error
The log is available in
Suggestions are appreciated.



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