Java to Native Integration (no JNI, please)

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Dec 15, 2011, 4:31:11 PM12/15/11
to Optimization Services (OS)
We're starting to research software that provides a layer on top of
optimization services. COIN-OR OS appears like a good fit for us! We
really like the fact that we can configure different solvers and
algorithms through a single interface. We like the variety of both
commercial and non-commercial solvers having COIN-OR OS adapters.
Hats off to the COIN-OR OS team!

Our applications which will use the optimization services are written
in Java albeit there are a very limited number of OS platforms which
our customers run. I've had a chance to download the source and have
reviewed most of the Java code (.../OSJava). Apologies, I haven't
actually run the web server in tomcat, but did trace through the Java
layer, starting with the jws file and assumed I was using CPLEX, to
get a grasp of the underlying Java to Native integration.

It appears that whether using a local OSSolverService instance or
remote (via web services), the Java wrapper writes OSiL, OSoL to disk
(File IO) and, similarly, reads the OSrL from disk. Am I mistaken or
is the only out-of-the-box method for the Java layer to interface with
the native solver adapter code?

Thanks for your assistance!


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