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JiHua Gu

Jul 25, 2022, 5:56:53 AMJul 25
to OptaPlanner development

Hi guys,

I have been started to learn Opataplanner for sometime, I try to figure out a model design for my use case to progress the solution calculation, here is my case in real world manufactory's production line:

  1. There is a working order involved list of sequential processes
  2. Each kind of machine can handle fixed types of processes.(assume machine quantity is enough)
  3. The involved team has a number of available employees, each employee has set of skills for different processes with their own costing time per process action.
  4. production line has fixed available number of stations
  5. each station put one machine/employee or leave empty

question: how to design the model to calculate the maximum output of completion product in one day.

confusion: in the case, the single station will have one employee and one machined populated[which has been simplified], and specified processes to be working on. but the input of factors are referred by each other and dynamic: employee => processes skill , process skill => machines. 

can please help to guide how to design the models? which should be set as plan entity(s),  much appreciated in advance.



Qiang Gao

Aug 2, 2022, 4:05:17 AMAug 2
Hi, Jihua
You may take a look at Project Job Scheduling example, in which ExecutionMode class is implemented to combine jobs, skills and durations together. TimeGrain pattern is another section to read if there are non-fixed timeslots in your case.
Hope you can find some hints.

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