Oppia team updates for 2021 Q2 and Q3

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Jacob Davis

Jul 26, 2021, 4:24:18 PMJul 26
to oppia-dev
Dear Oppians

This is the quarterly update on what we've done in Q2 and are working on in Q3. If any of these projects look particularly interesting to you, please get in touch with the team lead to find ways you can contribute. (For project details and contact information see the relevant github project page or ask me.)

Learner experience (Akshay)
 - Completed design doc on allowing learners to resume an exploration from where they left and finished the editor side changes for this. Also made significant progress in integrating oppia blogs and redesigning the learner dashboard page as part of GSoC projects.
 - Complete the functionality to allow learners to resume an exploration from where they left off and complete the 2 GSoC projects. Also, migrate existing users to the mailchimp database which would be used for sending newsletters.

Creator experience (Kevin)
 - Creators can now specify checkpoints in a lesson and now have the ability to link states to a particular skill -- the learner facing functionality will be released in the coming months.
 - Handling of merge conflicts in the lesson creation flow when multiple creators are editing the same lesson.

Speed & stability (Vojtěch)
 - Our team had worked on python3 migration and implementing beam jobs.
 - Complete the beam job and python3 migration.

Analytics (Keerthi)
 - We are working on developing and implementing growth marketing dashboards in q3.

Angular upgrade (Srijan)
 - Successfully started removing AngularJS from pages. ~10 pages are now fully angular. Migrated CKEditor and a lot of interactions.  
 - Make all pages (except 4) work completely in Angular. Introduce angular router for the frontend pages that are completely in Angular.

Community contribution (Ryan)
 - The community contribution team has focused on removing bottlenecks when volunteers submit translations of lessons as well as empowering our language coordination teams with tools to encourage more volunteers to continue supporting the Oppia ecosystem.
 - Release sorting and filtering of translation opportunities by lesson topic to users and release the ability for reviewers to translate rules.

Dev workflow (Sandeep)
 - Stabilized the e2e test flakiness with an overall success rate of 60% and migrated all the js/ts custom linter checks to eslint.
 - Continue working on stabilising the e2e test flakiness to a success rate of 85% and then develop the tools and practices needed to fix regressions quickly. Migrate all the python related regex checks to pylint.

Android (Ben)
 - We launched alpha MR2, which provided full offline support for 4 bundled topics, and tested it in multiple user studies throughout the quarter.
 - We're primarily aiming to launch a new alpha MR3 which will include RTL support, and localization support with Arabic translations. We're also working toward alpha MR4 which is tentatively scheduled for the end of the quarter which will bring full lesson support parity with Oppia Web for the initial numeracy module of 8 topics.

Growth (Isalo)
 - Established critical frameworks and processes to bring Oppia to market in 4+ regions.
 - Reach more than 2,000 learners with the Oppia Android app and establish most viable paths for go to market.

Best wishes
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