GSoC 2021 is completed!

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Vinita Murthi

Sep 3, 2021, 4:04:10 AMSep 3
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Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing well!

I am really happy to announce that GSoC 2021 is wrapped up successfully and all of our 18 students have passed!

A huge congratulations to all the students as well as their mentors, for the amazing work they have done :) 
  • Abhay Garg: Introduce support for displaying copyright licenses in the app (Mentored by: Rajat Talesra)

  • Aditya Dubey: Move custom JS\TS lint checks to eslint (Mentored by: Anshul Hudda)

  • Aishwary Saxena: Write frontend tests (Mentored by: Kevin Thomas)

  • Apoorv Srivastava: Implement lightweight checkpointing (Mentored by: Pulkit Aggarwal)

  • Arjun Gupta: Implement feature flags & platform parameters (Mentored by: Vinita Murthi)

  • Aryaman Gupta: Improve Exploration save flow: Syncing edits in the background (Mentored by: Kevin Thomas)

  • Ashutosh Chauhan: Angular migration (Mentored by: Srijan Reddy Vasa)

  • Eesha Arif: Improve frontend type system (Mentored by: Vojtěch Jelínek)

  • Farees Hussain Syed: End-to-End testing support (Mentored by: Akshay Nandwana)

  • Gangavarapu Praneeth: Write frontend tests (Mentored by: Nithesh Hariharan)

  • Hardik Katehara: Make backend code typed (Mentored by: Sajal Asati)

  • Krishita Jain: Redesigning and updating the learner dashboard (Mentored by: Akshay Anand)

  • Mridul Setia: Improve frontend type system (Mentored by: Srijan Reddy Vasa)

  • Nikhil Agarwal: Implement schema validators for the handler params (Mentored by: Rohit Katlaa)

  • Radesh Kumar: Write frontend tests (Mentored by: Nithesh Hariharan)

  • Rijuta Singh: Integrating the Oppia blog with (Mentored by: Prayush Dawda)

  • Sparsh Agrawal: Static analysis checks + Improvements (Mentored by: Ben Henning)

  • Yash Raj: Developer options menu (Mentored by: Sarthak Agarwal)

To dive into the details of the work done by our students and the new things they learnt, please check their blog posts here.

Thanks a lot for all your contributions to both the web and the android repositories, and for building our community! 

Vojta & Vinita
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