Release 2.8.7 announcement

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Ankita Saxena

Nov 25, 2019, 4:45:24 PM11/25/19
Hi all,

The main changes in this release are addition of code for release automation, new one off jobs for wipeout and migration of more services to Angular8.

Please welcome Abhishek Uniyal, Hamlet Villa, James Xu, Lorrany Azevedo, Nadin Tamer, Rajitha Warusavitarana, and Stefanie Muroya Lei for whom this release marks their first contribution to Oppia!

Thanks to Akshay Anand, Anshul Hudda, Jethet, Joshua Lan, Kevin Lee, Kevin Thomas, Nitish Bansal, Rishabh Rawat, Sandeep Dubey, Sean Lip, Chris Skalnik, Vinita Murthi, Vojtěch Jelínek, and Will Li, our returning contributors who made this release possible.

Finally, I'd like to thank Rishabh Rawat, Chris Skalnik, Vojtěch Jelínek, Kevin Thomas, Vinita Murthi for their help with pre-release testing, bug-fixing and QA, as well as Rishabh Rawat for leading the QA team for this release.

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