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Feb 15, 2011, 10:04:39 AM2/15/11

after a few weeks I am now absolutely sure that opera has some problems
with SSL - I think it is about self-signed certificates or maybe
certificates tat are not "known" - however also with
certificates, even after I import them into opera, it still loads sites
secured with these certs extremely slow - Opera even freezes! For about
15-30 seconds seconds I can not do anything (no response) - but what is
extremely annoying is that practically sites using these certificates are
not usable with Opera.

is this a known bug? I do not know abou the Opera Dev Infrsatructure,
however I would be willing to post a bugreport somewhere, if it does make
sense :)

If this ship is sinking anyways, then of course it´s better to save my
time ;)

Opera was a really good and ressource-friendly browser once - nowadays it
is bloated and full with bugs - I switched to Mozilla, still missing some
UI concepts heavily, but at least the browser must be a browser in first

would be great to see if Opera somehow starts a qualitiy initiative or
anything directed to reach a level where tghe browser will be usable again
- am willing to help with bughunting.

Thanks for your attention!

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