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White on black antialiased text in menu bar looks awful

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Osmo Jaakkola

Dec 30, 2010, 4:02:44 AM12/30/10
I'm using Windows XP with font anti-aliasing (ClearType) enabled. When
trying out a skin with menu text brighter than its background I found the
text hard to read, with very uneven brightness. Apparently if menu text is
brighter than the background, Opera for some reason actually draws the
text in invert colors, then inverts the output back. This might be fine if
the inversion was done correctly (transform to linear color space,
calculate y = 1-x, transform back to sRGB), but it's done on the pixels'
values directly. E.g. Microsoft's GDI documentation clearly says
antialiased text shouldn't be inverted (XORed):

Here's a magnified screenshot with corrected versions done in photoshop:

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