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Trying to get Java working on Opera (ver 11.x) while running win-98se

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98 Guy

Oct 5, 2011, 9:19:40 PM10/5/11
I'm running Windows 98se with KernelEx API enhancement, and I have Java
JRE 6 update 24 installed on my system. This is Opera 11.01 / build 1190
(Opera thinks I'm running Windows 2k).

Under Tools -> Quick Preferences -> Enable Plugins is checked.

Under Tools -> Advanced -> Plugins, I don't see anything specifically
saying "Java runtime 6 update 24", but I do see this:

Java Deployment Toolkit -
Description: NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\npdeployJava1.dll

And the above item is enabled, and the file npdeployJava1.dll does exist
as indicated.

When I go to these web sites:

I get: "Something is wrong. Java is not working" and "Browser has java

When I go to the Java app in the control panel, under the Advanced tab,
Default Java for browsers, I have a check in the "Mozilla family" box,
and no check in the "Microsoft Internet Explorer" box. Opera is not
listed here (should it be?).

I also have Firefox and java functions correctly as expected
when viewing the above web-pages.

In the Java control panel, I DO NOT have "Enable next-generation Java
Plug-in" enabled (this option does not work under win-98). Does this
need to be enabled for Opera 11?

So basically, what do I need to do, what files should I copy or move
around, registry settings, etc, to get Java working properly in Opera

Other info:

If I set the KernelEx compatibility level for Opera.exe to Windows
98/se, and then try running opera, I get this error:

Failed to load the Unicode compatibility layer OUniAnsi.DLL because: One
of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found.

If I set the KernelEx compatibility to XP/SP2, Opera doesn't seem to run
at all (and no error message or anything like that). So for some
strange reason, it will run if the compatibility is set to Windows
2000/SP4. Again this is Opera version 11.01 (Jan 26/2011).

Stranger still, on a real Win-2K system, Opera (version 11.51) craps out
during installation, giving an Error 1723.

Bonus question:

I've tried to have Opera update itself to what-ever is the current
version (11.5x I think) and it goes through the motions of downloading
some file, but in the end nothing seems to happen. Anyone running Opera
on Win-98 have something more recent than version 11.01?
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