Which firmware version to use for a Ford Fiesta Active 2019 (EU) on a Ford Reference VI?

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Jul 11, 2020, 7:19:03 AM7/11/20
to OpenXC
Hi everyone,

I'm having troubles getting messages from a Ford Fiesta Active 2019 (EU) via Ford Reference VI.
In order to communicat with the car's CAN-bus I flashed it with firmware provied by Ford Dev. According to this spreadsheet I flasehd type6a on the Ford Reference VI, later I tried type3b for Ford Fiesta ST (EU).
As a setup I use OpenXC Enabler on an Android device connected via BT.
Once the VI is pluged into the car it flashes red (I'm accpecting blue) and the app shows no received CAN-messages.

I assume there is a problem with the firmeware I use.
I would be glad for any help or tipps.

Thank you in advance!




Jul 12, 2020, 10:27:44 AM7/12/20
to OpenXC
Meanwhile I did some testing with different firmwares:

  • Translated OBD2 Build - VI with this firmware seems to interact correctly with the CAN-BUS. Both LEDs light on blue once car is running and Bluetooth is connected . I'm able to receive values for  VEHICLE_SPEED (0xd)
    and ENGINE_SPEED (0xc). Other PID's embedded in this firmware seem not to work with Ford Fiesta (2019).
  • type6a and type3b - VI shortly lights up red once the CAN's power supply turns on (ignition). I can't connect via Bluetooth to the VI, USB is working as long VI is not in sleep mode. I don't get any data.

Eric Marsman

Jul 13, 2020, 1:30:06 PM7/13/20
to OpenXC
Hi Phillip,

You are using the proper firmware. The issue is that vehicle has a gateway on the CAN bus that prevents broadcast CAN traffic from being routed to the OBD-II port. Diagnostic requests are passed through. That explains why you are some translated OBD2 response, but no CAN response. 

You can either connect behind the gateway to CAN (not recommended) or use Diagnostic requests. 

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