Geppetto 0.1.6, Journal Club & more on this week’s OpenWorm round-up!

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Aug 18, 2014, 10:16:19 PM8/18/14
Geppetto 0.1.6, Journal Club & more on this week’s OpenWorm round-up!

Geppetto release 0.1.6 is now live and can be found here for download. Want more updates on Geppetto? Get the latest Geppetto biweekly meeting minutes.

Interesting in learning about the scientific method 2.0? Watch the OpenWorm Journal Club to find out.

Check out the latest developments in OpenWorm from our biweekly meeting


Connectomes Big and Small
Aug 11st 2014, 9:24 am 
Guest blog: Lav R. Varshney I have been following the OpenWorm project with great interest over the last year and am really …


New Issues This Week

Issues Updated This Week

Issues Closed This Week


Re: [openworm-discuss] Genohacking C. elegans 
By Stephen, 6 posts 17 views 
Aug 17

Visualizing data using d3js 
By Ashish Kadam, 4 posts 34 views 
Aug 17

SciUnit: getting operational 
By Stephen, 4 posts 11 views 
Aug 15

Stanford Light Field Microscope Project 
By John Ballentine, 2 posts 17 views 
Aug 14

Openworm engineering blog 
By Matt Olson, 4 posts 12 views 
Aug 14

general meeting 
By Joe Landau, 2 posts 10 views 
Aug 13

Wanted: NEURON and Brian recordings 
By Johannes Rieke, 4 posts 21 views 
Aug 10

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OpenWorm @OpenWorm 
Aug 15 
OpenWorm Journal Club is Live! … Scientific Method 2.0

OpenWorm @OpenWorm 
Aug 13 
Not a worm muscle but neat anyhow!

OpenWorm @OpenWorm 
Aug 13 
#openworm status update is LIVE -

Royal Irish Academy @RIAdawson 
Aug 12 
Letter from Crick and Watson to Erwin Schrodinger dated 12 Aug 1953 re: What is Life? & the impact on their careers

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