DevoWorm, status update and more OpenWorm weekly round-up!

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Sep 15, 2014, 6:28:16 PM9/15/14

DevoWorm, status update and more OpenWorm weekly round-up!

Watch the newest Journal Club, DevoWorm - Raising the Worm, to learn about this exciting subproject within OpenWorm which seeks to simulate the cell-by-cell divisions and growth that leads to the adult. .

Check out the latest developments in OpenWorm from our biweekly meeting:


Highlighted Activities

adrianq created branch modelpopulation at openworm/org.geppetto.samples 
Sept 14

crf1111 forked openworm/OpenWorm to crf1111/OpenWorm 
Sept 12

tarelli created branch adrianq-neuromlWidget at openworm/org.geppetto.frontend 
Sept 11

portegys pushed to master at openworm/bionet 
Sept 9

borismarin created branch generalize_onStateChange_callbacks atopenworm/org.geppetto.frontend 
Sept 8


Multiple NeuroML2 modeling issues cropping up in OpenWorm 
By Stephen, 3 posts 3 views 
Sep 12

Re: CyberElegans on Linux/Mac 
By Stephen, 2 posts 14 views 
Sep 11

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OpenWorm @OpenWorm 
Sep 12 
#OpenWorm journal club: “DevoWorm - Raising the worm” is LIVE - …

J. Pablo Fernández @pupeno 
Sep 12 
There’s a worm in my apple! But it’s fine because it’s an @openworm!

Orion Bionetworks @OrionBionetwork 
Sep 11 
Save the date 9/30, noon-1p EDT FREE Webinar on bioinformatics! …

OpenWorm @OpenWorm 
Sep 11

What the humble worm might tell us about doubling our lifespan - …

OpenWorm @OpenWorm 
Sep 10 
#openworm bi-weekly status update is LIVE! -

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