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Nitesh Sinha_026

Aug 19, 2021, 1:08:27 PM8/19/21
to OpenWISP Google Summer of Code
Hi everyone,
I have been creating a project report for Google Summer of Code 2021 and have got some very helpful suggestions from my mentor Federico. We believe that it will aid my other fellow GSoC students and therefore I am sharing them with you, through this mail.


1. Give priority to important ones
Try to highlight your most interesting work at the top by creating them as a topic instead of writing them as sub-topics. Explain each point and mention why you did this, what kind of features are being offered, what kind of change you have made, and explain the reasons. Those which are less important keep them at the end. You do not need to write much about them.

2. Add screenshots
Add screenshots of your work in each topic if possible. It will help the reader to understand the work or change.

3. Never miss documentation
If there is any chance to provide links of docs then, please provide for users who can find more details of your work.

4. Do not use URL
Instead of showing URL as anchor text, use words (eg: heading of the linked docs or titles of the pull requests). 

5. Focus more on results:
Instead of focusing on the development process try to add details about results and changes and always keep in mind that you are not writing this for only GSoC. You have to extract the best outcomes from your experience and the project which would become helpful for the users reading it even after 5 years.

Best regards
Nitesh Sinha

Federico Capoano

Aug 19, 2021, 6:57:24 PM8/19/21
to OpenWISP Google Summer of Code
Thank you very much Nitesh for doing this.

Yes I want to underline that it's very important to make the article interesting for potential people who may want to use this work, so code examples, GIFs showing how the work can be used, links to the relevant documentation, all these are very important.

Remember the following:

- Images are worth a thousand words
- Ask yourself, if I was someone looking to use this to solve a problem I had, what would I be interested in reading? And focus on that
- Keep it short and informative, try to simplify instead of pupming it
- Go straight to the point
- Link to other pages using explanatory words of what is being linked

Of course let's not forget to mention/link GSoC, OpenWISP and NetJSON when relevant. 


Federico Capoano

Aug 23, 2021, 10:43:45 AM8/23/21
to OpenWISP Google Summer of Code
Here's one request I want to make to all the students:

Please paste the text of your blog post in one or multiple English grammar checking softwares.
We all make mistakes here and there but in what I'm reading I see missing personal pronouns, missing articles, wrong time of verbs and it looks quite bad.


PS: I guess in the near future we could find a tool we could embed in openwisp-qa-check to at least give us warnings if it finds grammar mistakes in the docs files because we all surely do a lot of these mistakes!

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