Rueda y Cervezas (rc1), Madrid area, this Thursday at 6pm

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Oct 5, 2009, 8:01:10 AM10/5/09
to ruote
Hi all,

If you live/work close to the capital city of Spain (Southernmost
Europe) and you are reading this post, then you're probably using
ruote* in an interesting way we might never have heard of. Maybe you
are an average user, who just gets her work done thanks to this
brilliant platform, or perhaps you'd like to know more about
workflows, ruby and if your project could improve by using Ruote. And
beer, of course.

Given that we share a common interest, it would be great that we knew
each other. As John suggested last week, a "Rueda y Cerveza" event,
honoring the proverbial "* and beers" events we developers love so
much. It will be a fantastic way to share knowledge and have fun.

However, don't expect too much of an agenda for starters. The purpose
of this seminal meeting will be talking about our work with Route,
sharing hacking experiences and finding some ways in which we could
contribute to the whole Ruote community.

For this first-contact gathering, our offices are gladly available:

The time will be 18:00 UTC+2 - Bring your laptop. You're welcome to
give an awesome keynote, show off your work or whatnot!

As for now, the confirmed participants are:

* Five abstra·cc crew members.
* The UPM guys (Iván, Emilio and Diego)
* you?

Please confirm your assistance by answering to this post.

¡Nos vemos el jueves!
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