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Fábio Pereira

Oct 23, 2013, 10:12:04 AM10/23/13
Good afternoon, in order to complete a task for a schoolar subject me and my group had to install Ruote and show a simples example of the use of Ruby. We have already installed ruby and we
managed how to install Ruote (gem install ruote --ignore-all dependencies) but we can't understand how it works or itis supposed to do. Does anyone have some experience working on Route
that can give me a short explanation?

John Mettraux

Oct 23, 2013, 5:39:30 PM10/23/13
Hello F�bio,

welcome to the ruote mailing list.

There is an explanation at:

In the third paragraph of that explanation, there is a link to a quickstart:

Where did you read that to install ruote you had to do "gem install ruote
--ignore-all-depencies" ? That will not give you a functional ruote, it needs
its dependencies in order to run...

> we can't understand how it works or it is supposed to do.

how it works:
what it is supposed to do: it's a workflow engine.

The "how does ruote work" link is a bit old, but it's OK. Reading will help you too.

This is interesting as well:

Best regards,

John Mettraux -

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