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Paul S Person

Jun 2, 2021, 4:13:52 PM6/2/21
I am posting this via Eternal September, as our Usenet server is down.
I am hoping that I am not the only not entirely dependent on our
server for our newsgroups.

In the main C Library file (variously known as "clib.pdf". "clib-dos",
and "Watcom C Library Reference"), the text
appears in the descriptions of _getviewcoord, _grstatus,
_pg_defaultchart, _setvideomode, and _setvieworg. This is hardly
surprising as the macro used (in docs\doc\lr\gr\grmacs.gml) is defined
.dm uindex begin
.ix '&*'
.dm uindex end

Does anyone know of a reason for this? The document would look better
if it were not present.

Removing it would make the macro match the definition in docs\doc\gml\
.dm uindex begin
.ix '&*'
.dm uindex end

The name "uindex" appears only as a macro (that is, not as a symbol,
so ".sr uindex=2" was probably not meant) in the OW Docs.

TIA for any advice!
"I begin to envy Petronius."
"I have envied him long since."

Paul S Person

Jun 11, 2021, 7:16:58 PM6/11/21
No response having been received, quite possibly because, with the OW
Usenet server down, I am talking in an echo chamber, I made the change
today and then did my weekly build.

This rebuilt these docs:
clib (for win, os2, htmlhelp, and pdf)
f77graph (for win, os2, htmlhelp, and pdf)
clibqnx (pdf)

Checking confirmed that the docs were not damaged by no longer having
"uindex=2" appear in the output text.

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