Downgraded OSCOMAK server today; related Semantic MediaWiki is now read-only

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Paul D. Fernhout

Apr 7, 2009, 7:32:09 PM4/7/09
to, OpenVirgle
I downgraded the OSCOMAK server today from a dedicated machine to shared
hosting (for cost reasons).

I also changed the OSCOMAK Halo Semantic MediaWiki to read-only.
It was not undergoing much change, and I was not promoting it as I want to
focus more on social semantic desktop approaches.

Every page of the wiki now has this note at the top: "This site was an
experiment and as of April 7th, 2009 is no longer accepting changes. It is
kept up for archival and reference purposes. New work is ongoing in the
direction of having a Pointrel Social Semantic Desktop instead of a Halo
Semantic MediaWiki." And there is a link to:

I'm a little sad about wasting money on a year of a dedicated server out of
hopefulness starting in the heady first month or so of OpenVirgle (it could
have been spent better), but things move on. I prefer developing desktop
code anyway. I intend that site to be used just to support related
OpenVirgle & open manufacturing & other desktop applications and social
semantic content supported by the Pointrel Social Semantic Desktop. There
are several wiki sites now like Appropedia that support adding free and open
source content about how to make things, so this is not much of a loss in
that sense.

The following two small sites related to OpenVirgle and Open Manufacturing
are also hosted on the same server and so are now on shared hosting too:
Those sites should continue to work (and work for me now). Hopefully people
will not notice much difference in performance for those sites.

--Paul Fernhout

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