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Bryan Bishop

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Greetings Moon Society friends,

I feel compelled to write a few words tonight.

I am not sure where to start, so forgive me if this rambles a bit.

Most of you know at least something about me.

Hmm. let's see.

My 2 year term as Vice President of the Moon Society expires end of
June 2009, I am running for re-election to a second term.   I enclose
my candidate's statement at the end of this missive.

First, I wish to expressive my deepest appreciation and thanks to
Peter Kokh, the President of the Moon society.  At the 2009 ISDC in
Orlando this Peter, Peter will receive the greatest award for a space
activist, the Gerard K. O'Neill Space Settlements Award.

I had the honor of meeting Dr. O'Neil on a few occasions, the first
was in London in 1979 at the BIS,  then again in 1983 at the Houston
L-5 Conference, and once again a couple of years later in London.
Gerry is the most important person in my life, his vision is my
eternal guidance, RIP.  You must read his book the High Frontier -
Colonies in Space.

Words cannot express how pleased I am that Peter has been awarded this
great honor by NSS, and I am delighted that NSS had the wisdom and
insight to award this honor to a truly deserving candidate.
Peter is a truly remarkable individual, who I have known for nearly 20
years.  He has vision, judgment, insight and determination beyond

Please review this web link.


Peter, I believe
 you will receive the award at the gala Banquet Friday evening May
29th, I hope I will arrive in time to see it, I am flying in from
Europe to Orlando that evening.  I will try not to get a speeding
ticket on my way there from the airport. (Most of my family live in
and I am scattering Father's ashes on to the River Orwell on Memorial Day).

The Moon Society is a truly remarkable group of people, and I have
been honored to serve as Vice President, and I would be doubly honored
to be re-elected to a second term, especially as Peter is continuing
at the helm.

It is late and I am getting tired.   So here is the candidate
statement I submitted.

Perhaps I will have more energy to write further before much longer.

Ad Astra.

Vice-President Charles F. Radley #868

Incumbent VP of Moon Society 2007 – 2009 term.

Achievements prior to becoming VP of Moon Society:

   Former Moon Society Director, 2005. I have been working on lunar
development for 40 years. In 1968 I read about Solar Power Satellites
and said ... Yes, this is THE solution. In 1976 I read about Gerard
O'Neill so in 1977 I read the High Frontier, and said, yes, finally a
plan which makes sense. In the last 30 years I have not heard a better
plan, so I am continuing to work on the original O'Neill vision. I
joined the original L- 5 Society in 1979.
   I have an extensive track record in NSS, L-5, AIAA and many other
organizations. The American Institute of Ae
ronautics and Astronautics made me an Associate Fellow of their
prestigious society,  because of my contributions in revitalizing
their Ventura Pacific Section, as well as my professional record.
   Began posting to the usenet sci.space.* newsgroups in 1989. I
operated an NSS BSS on fidonet from 1990 through 1992. Was a regional
director of the National Space society from 1994-5 and have been
active in the following NSS Chapters: Ventura County (CA), Cuyahoga
Valley Space Society (OH), Oregon-L5; as well as active in the
California Space Development Council and Midwest Space Development
   My professional background includes B.S. Physics, M.S. Systems
Engineering, 30+ years aerospace experience. Was a part time technical
consultant for Transorbital Corporation, the first private company
licensed by the U.S. government to explore and land on the moon. Was a
member of the subcontractor teams for the Galileo and Magellan space
probes, the International Space Station, Spacelab-MSL-1 and several
communications satellite projects.

Achievements as VP of Moon Society:

Has established a Moon Society presence on all the major internet
social networks as follows:

Internet followers as of 2nd May 2009:

Facebook cause – 941 members
Facebook page -  838 fans
Facebook group – 692 members
Myspace page – 381 friends
Yahoo group – 132 members
Linkedin group – 120 members
Twitter – 109 followers
Plaxo group – 77 members
Orkut - 70
Digg – 59 friends
Google group
 – 14 members

Has actively recruited members almost every day.

Space Renaissance:

Established a strong relationship with the new international Space
Renaissance Initiative (SRI) organization, forged a strong partnership
between SRI and the Moon Society.  SRI is an group of like minded
space activists who understand the importance of lunar development for
releasing humanity from the bonds of closed world thinking.   Moon
Society has cooperate with fundraising for SRI, and help numerous
conference on Skype.  We had a good press conference in London UK in
April 09.  SRI is proving very effectively to increase the number of
activist involved in our mutual interests.  We leveraged our
respective internet social networks to mutual benefit.

Space Solar Power Demo

I received a suggestion from Colonel Peter Garretson of the US Dept of
Defense – National Space Security Office (and a Space Frontier
Foundation advocate) for the idea of a desktop microwave power beaming
demonstrator.  I suggested this to the Moon Society board for adoption
as an official project, and was delighted that the board
enthusiastically adopted the idea.   I assisted our Chairman, Scotty
Gammenthaler, to plan, design and implement the project.   Also thanks
to Phil Mills of SFF who built the stand.   The device was successful
constructed and transported to the 2007 ISDC and other events for
display.   We also achieved a great legal precedent, we applied for an
FCC experimental license to ra
diate the power beaming device in a public event, and we were
approved.   As far as we know this is the first such government
approval ever issued.  All previous demonstrations were done under
corporate or government laboratory permits, and did not allow public


I may have done some other things which I forgot to mention.  In any
event, I have enjoyed the opportunity to be active for promoting lunar
development, and hope to continue for another term.

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- Bryan
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