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Oct 29, 2021, 2:57:29 AM10/29/21
to OpenTripPlanner Developers
Dear OTP developers community,

I am writing on behalf of software development company - Metatavu located in Finland.

We have been working with OTP since version 1 mainly for producing the Air Quality affected routing for the city of Helsinki, Finland. That project required us to modify the original OTP quite a lot so we didn't propose our efforts for the community.

However, recently we were involved in the Megasense consortium collaborative project together with the Nokia and Finnish Meteorological Institute. In this collaboration, our role was to build the clean air routing application based on the data collected and provided by other consortium members. And we went with the freshly released OTP2 for the route planning API.

At this time we wanted to create a dedicated layer on top of OTP2 which not only would leave intact the initial structure of the Open Trip Planner, but also would bring some additional features for those, who actually need them. This layer's main feature is populating the graph with a grid data (i.e air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, and e.t.c). For this to work two files are required: the actual data file (i.e in NetCDF format) and a .json settings file which describes the contents of the data file. Please refer to the diagram for more information.

Our aim is to get the layer merged with the "develop" branch of the OTP2 to share our efforts with the community and to keep our application up to date. We have a a working fork with that layer implemented and already in testing for 3 months.

Please let me know if the feature proposed could be delivered and we can share more information / create a PR.

Best regards,

Daniil Smirnov - MetatavuOTP 2 proposal.png 

Andrew Byrd

Oct 29, 2021, 5:27:08 AM10/29/21
to daniil....@metatavu.fi, OpenTripPlanner Developers, Thomas Gran
Hi Daniil,

Users have been asking about overlaying grids of data on the street network for several years, so I think there are many potential users for this.

Several questions will probably come up: adding data at graph build vs. on a live network or layering it onto a pre-built street network, file formats supported etc. but above all questions of long term maintenance and coordination. Of course if this is implemented as a non-invasive “sandbox” feature there will be much less concern about these things. Would you be able to join one of the Tuesday developer meetings to discuss these details with the other OTP developers? These meetings take place from 10AM to noon CET every Tuesday. Please contact Thomas Gran (on CC) or me off-list if you need any further information.


Daniil Smirnov - Metatavu<OTP 2 proposal.png> 

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Oct 29, 2021, 6:11:27 AM10/29/21
to OpenTripPlanner Developers
Hi Andrew,

Great to hear. I will definitely join the session next Tuesday. See you there!

Best regards,

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