Connection Lost due to dynamic routing table change

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Michał Poterek

Apr 6, 2022, 11:23:11 AM4/6/22
to openthread-users
I have BeagleBone router and 3 EERO routers with Tread running on all of them. All devices have the same dataset. All devices are connected to the same Ethernet switch. 

My EndDevices are connected to BeagleBone and EERO routers. From time to time I'm loosing connection from BeagleBone  to End Devices.   When there is red record (seen below) in routing table and I ping end device from BeagleBone bash with following command  ping fd27:fb0c:165:18df:e225:5320:b718:24e6 I'm not getting response but  at exactly the same time if I will  ping -I wpan0 fd27:fb0c:165:18df:e225:5320:b718:24e6 than I'm getting response. 
routing table.PNG

When I remove red record from routing table with command  ip -6 route del fd27:fb0c:165:18df::/64 dev eth0
then both ping fd27:fb0c:165:18df:e225:5320:b718:24e6      and   ping -I wpan0 fd27:fb0c:165:18df:e225:5320:b718:24e6    giving nice response. I  found out that   fe80::58ce:25df:5c8d:6341  is belonging to ETH interface of  EERO  wifi router which also has Thread running. 

Any idea  how that red record is added dynamically to routing table? Do you have any idea how  I can avoid this situation?  I would like to monitor devices with cacti which is installed on BeagleBone so I need to have stable communication link to end devices, but unfortunately  once red record appear in routing table I'm loosing communication. 

I will be appreciated for help with that.  

Michał Poterek

Apr 11, 2022, 3:56:33 AM4/11/22
to openthread-users
I made more research and real problem for dropping communication was
Apr 9 15:45:13 beaglebone otbr-agent[1453]: 16:26:50.069 [W] Platform------: radio tx timeout
Apr 9 15:45:13 beaglebone otbr-agent[1453]: 16:26:50.083 [C] Platform------: BSD TCP function() at radio_spinel_impl.hpp:2236: RadioSpinelNoResponse

As this was related to  provided by TI compiled firmware for CC1352P2   people which would like to follow this issue can track this link  CC2652R: Thread ver 1.2 - Zigbee & Thread forum - Zigbee & Thread - TI E2E support forums

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