Help on external Commissioning on 868MHz

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Rohith R

Mar 8, 2022, 7:20:39 AM3/8/22
to openthread-users
Hi , I am trying to implement Border router and external commissioning in Thread network on 868MHz using EFR32MG13. In my Thread Network RCP is connected to raspberry Pi (Border Router) . I have made some  modifications in the ot-rcp code to make it compatible with 868MHz. Proprietary radio PHY support has been added, Changed some defines (Channel settings) in the openthread-core-efr32-config.h
based on the page no 5 in   AN1350: Single-Band Proprietary Sub-GHz Support with OpenThread . Also in the otbr-posix same changes haves done in those defines in platform.h  under /openthread/blob/main/src/core/config/ folder and built otbr to make 868MHz support. Using the rcp  created the Thread Network with reference to ThreadNetworkcreation. On-Mesh commissioning is working,  have added 1 router and a child. But I am facing issues in External Commissioning

1. External commissioning is not working
$ ./pskc J01NME dead1111dead2222 SubGHzThread

1. In the Thread Commissioning Android app when I enter this J01NME password to connect to the Border Router ,it shows incorrect password
2. When tried without generating pskc, the default password 123456 also shows as incorrect
3. Using the Open Thread Commissioner app, Selected the Border Router and entered the passphrase. After scanning the QR code then app go back to Border Router Selection page 
Currently using the SL-OPENTHREAD/ version , is it compatible with these two Commissioning Apps?
4. Some times After set the pskc using the OTBR tool(1), when checking it shows pskc 00000.
5. I know Thread spec have no Sub-GHz support and  GitHub have no Border Router support on 868MHz
  What are the changes to OTBR , making it 868MHz compatible?
6. What changes  I have to make for external commissioning for 868MHz ?

Rohith R
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