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Bryan Bishop

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Subject: [Open Manufacturing] proprietary product designs in healthcare
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I'm researching a paper on the role of artificial scarcity in
healthcare costs, and I was glued to the screen last night when Sanjay
Gupta went over a hospital bill looking at  bags of saline solution,
incision staplers, etc., that cost hundreds of dollars each.

I'd really like to know how proprietary designs, the interaction of
patented designs with any possible government mandated standards, the
tweaking of designs just enough to repatent, the legacy effects of
secondary patents, etc., contribute to the enormous costs.  I'd also
appreciate any other leads regarding how licensing or regulatory
cartels contribute to costs.

Is anyone on this list involved in manufacturing healthcare products,
or do you know anyone who might have some insight into these things?

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Carson
Center for a Stateless Society http://c4ss.org
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