rails329 branch migration notes (*IMPORTANT* photos logistics)

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Tom Brown

Dec 18, 2012, 3:44:43 PM12/18/12
to opensourc...@googlegroups.com
happy tuesday!  there's been a lot of improvements since the rails 3.1 upgrade in august. i will provide some documentation and/or a screencast covering this soon.

in the meantime, there's some logistics for upgrading an existing site to rails 3.2.9 (the rails329 branch).  the main purpose of this branch is to transition photos from attachment_fu to carrierwave. (see https://github.com/oscurrency/oscurrency/issues/208).  other changes include making photos polymorphic and image upload for offers (issue 49).  if you're using heroku, you can do the following:

heroku pgbackups:capture --expire
git fetch
git branch rails329 origin/rails329
git checkout rails329
git push heroku rails329:master (you may need to merge before doing this)
heroku run rake db:migrate
heroku run console
> Photo.migrate_to_carrierwave
> Photo.polymorphisize

Please do this migration soon because we want to remove the attachment-fu code as soon as we can and the console migration commands (migrate_to_carrierwave and polymorphisize) will only work while the attachment-fu code is still hanging around.  Let's plan to remove the attachment-fu code on January 15, 2013.


Tom Brown

Jan 10, 2013, 8:47:06 PM1/10/13
to opensourc...@googlegroups.com
this is a friendly reminder to upgrade to the so-called rails329 branch.  if you were previously using the master branch, see previous announcement below about doing the photo migration.

due to the cve-2013-0156 vulnerability, it is strongly recommended that this be done as soon as possible.  on a scale of 1-10, this vulnerability is an 11.

the rails329 branch has been updated to rails 3.2.11 and httparty has also been updated to address this vulnerability.

until the rails329 branch is merged into master, for the purpose of making it more visible, i've made the rails329 branch the default branch on github.

also, the documentation for installing a development environment from a fresh ubuntu install has been updated:


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