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Welcome to the Open Siddur Project Discussion List

This forum carries all public discussion and announcement material of a non-technical nature.  This is the place to ask questions, comment, criticize, and discuss. Our website is at 

Feel free to introduce yourself to the group by sending an introductory email.  Describe your interest in the project and share what aspect of the project you would like to help develop. 

The following are guidelines for communicating on the list that help our discussions:
  • When posting to the list, please keep in mind that you are talking to real people and that whenever you press send, many other people will get an email in their inbox. 
  • Please keep discussions on-topic.
  • When responding to an email, it is good practice to quote just enough context in your email message so a reader can follow the chain of discussion without reading the entire previous message (inline posting style, see 
  • When replying, please reply to the list unless the poster asked to be cc:'d or emailed privately.
  • Disagreement is expected, and should be conducted with the principles of derekh eretz (common courtesy and consideration) in mind.  A guideline is to keep discussion focused on ideas, instead of on the messenger.
  • To prevent the list from getting spammed, the first message any new members sends to the list is moderated.  We have a zero tolerance policy for spam.  Sending a single spam message to the list results in a permanent ban.
  • All list discussions are archived here at!forum/opensiddur-talk 
If you wish to receive list email in abbreviated or digest form (approximately one email per day with all content), you may set your email receipt options by logging in to Google Groups at!forum/opensiddur-talk.

If, at any time, you wish to unsubscribe from the discussion list, instructions are included at the bottom of every message.

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Thank you for your interest in the Open Siddur Project!