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Announcement list for the OpenSF Conference, to be held in San Francisco June 8th-10th, 2012.

OpenSF is a vibrant new Bay Area conference, bringing together like minded people ready to share, explore and dialogue on creating acceptance of the non-monogamy community. OpenSF will have a diverse and rich menu of workshops, interactive seminars and after hours socializing. OpenSF strives to be welcoming and accessible across a range of backgrounds including race and ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, size, age, class and economic access, and physical and mental ability. Our goal is to create a conference where people find wonderful knowledge and experiences and forge amazing new connections.

OpenSF conference workshops will incorporate innovative topics such as advanced non-monogamy skills, research findings, sex/kink party etiquette, movement classes, and peer led skill shares. In addition there will be a strong focus on the role of non-monogamy in sexual minorities and other oppressed groups. All this will run alongside traditional non-monogamy subjects such as managing jealousy and opening relationships. Complimenting the OpenSF daytime conference will be numerous affiliated night activities including fun and exciting social events, non-monogamous speed dating, and at least one play party.

OpenSF is a project of Polyamory Productions Inc, a nonprofit organization which supports education and community-building for nonmonogamous people.