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John Preston

Jan 11, 2022, 5:37:26 PM1/11/22
to Open Science Framework
Hello all,

I am planning to conduct a scoping review and I would like to make sure that I am using the OSF platform correctly.

As part of my review, I have written up a protocol, and I would like to register this protocol before I begin the review. Therefore I believe I should proceed as follows:

1. Register a project on OSF for the _complete_ project, which will include both the review protocol, _and_ the completed review once it is finished
2. Create a component in that project which will contain the protocol write-up
3. Create an OSF Preregistration for the complete project, which registers the project with the completed protocol
4. Go away and do my review!
5. When review is finished, create a new component for the completed review and upload all my results to the review component in the main project.

At that point, I would like to get my completed review published in a peer-reviewed journal. So I have a few questions about the whole process:

1. Do I need two separate projects, one for the protocol and one for the review, or is a single project recommended?
2. When registering the protocol, should I register the whole project, or just the protocol component?
3. When registering the protocol, is the OSF Preregistration the correct template to use?
4. What template should I use when I am registering the completed review?
5. How does registering the project in OSF interact with getting the writeup published in a journal? i.e. do I need to register the draft I send to the journal, or do I get it through peer review first and then register the to-be-published version? Or both?

Thanks for your help!
John (they/them)
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