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David Miller

Jan 26, 2016, 10:51:01 PM1/26/16
to OpenRules
Does Open Rules lend itself to an application whose purpose is to generate an advisory report? E.g., ask a business owner a series of questions related to hazardous operations, use of chemicals, risk and safety practices, and protective devices, and then build a report that tailors recommendations?

Can it do this in a backward chaining manner where the open rules application solves for a single text variable, i.e., the report itself, and the solution proceeds by solving its components (chapters) and subcomponents (paragraphs), etc.? 

E.g. a risk advice document is composed of a machinery chapter, a commercial vehicle chapter and a worker safety chapter. In turn, the commercial vehicle chapter would be broken down into a vehicle maintenance paragraph, cargo paragraph, etc.

OpenRules Support

Jan 27, 2016, 2:43:16 PM1/27/16
to OpenRules

Yes, we do have experience of applying OpenRules-based services to generate various complex documents. One example of a large-scale checklists was described in this presentation. You also may use OpenRules Dialog to build a web-based questionnaires and then generate a PDF document based on the provide and automatically calculated answers - see Dialog1040EZ example. Another possible approach is for a customer to prepare a MS Word document template with all entry fields having unique bookmarks. For every data entry a web service will be called to validate the entered data and to automatically fill out other fields using OpenRules decision tables, which operate in the terms of those bookmarks. So, if you wish to share a specific advice document, please contact us at to discuss the most appropriate approach.

OpenRules Support
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