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Jay Pinho

Jan 11, 2017, 4:15:31 PM1/11/17
to openrtb-dev
Apologies if this is already under discussion (first-time poster) but I'm interested in adding cost per second (or cost per hour) to the next version of openRTB as a custom pricing model in the bid request.

I believe the idea of custom pricing models was raised several months back by Jean-Luc Wasmer (Google doc here: in relation to podcast downloads.

But in theory it could include any kind of pricing model, including cost per time.

The way it would work: a bid request would be sent that includes a pricing_model field specifying one (or more) types of accepted bid response types: CPM, CPC, CPS, etc. Bidders willing to buy via one of the pricing models would send back responses. If no pricing_model is specified in the bid request, CPM would be assumed.

Thoughts? As more publishers and networks such as FT, Economist, Parsec, and others are selling on time, this will become increasingly useful.

Jan 24, 2017, 9:02:56 AM1/24/17
to openrtb-dev
Welcome to OpenRTB wonderland!

My first thought is that time would require a few other pieces to be specifie. 

For example: what if the browser never leaves the page. Does the buyer pay infinite money? (please say "No")


Jay Pinho

Jan 24, 2017, 9:29:58 AM1/24/17
to openrtb-dev
Yeah, that's a great callout. Typically I think this is handled by employing a per-impression time cap -- usually around 15 seconds or so. (Parsec, as an example:

But you're right that this cap should be specified in the pricing model object (and there should be a default cap value if none is specified).

Similarly, it would make sense to have a field defining what criteria the time is being counted/billed on: the default would be MRC viewability but there could be other possible values for GroupM viewability too. So the object could look something like:

"pricing_model": {

   "bid_type": "CPS"
   "time_cap": 15,
   "time_criteria": "mrc_viewable"
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