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Paul White

Jun 20, 2022, 6:47:00 AM6/20/22
to info-ingres,

Has anyone experienced a change in the default value of DATE_ALIAS with the "recent" releases of Ingres DotNet provider?

After installing Ingres 11.2 64bit Client only, DotNet applications have broken where an SQL has a literal date selection. 

Dynamic SQL example:
WHERE DATE(del_time) BETWEEN '01/03/2022' AND '31/05/2022'


Some screens have stopped returning data but do not report an error, I think because the code is manipulating date fields as literals.  To work around the problem, I modified the DSN in the application.exe.config file

  <add name="MyProgramDB" connectionString="Host=MyDBserver;Uid={?UID};Pwd={?PWD};Database=MyDatabase;Date_format=MULTINATIONAL;Connection Timeout=30;BlankDate=null;SendIngresDates=True" providerName="Ingres.Client" />

I have 4 machines with differing history all with the same symptoms after the install. 

Initially just c:\IngresII: Ingres 10.x 32bit, OpenROAD 6.2 32bit, DotNet provider coming from Ingres.

I installed into a second instance c:\IngresIJ, Actian X 11.2 64bit, client only with DotNet provider, followed by OpenROAD 11.2 64bit.

I used the full Ingres DBMS media and selected DATEALIAS:IngresDate and later confirmed the setting in config.dat

ii.mymachine.config.date_alias:      INGRESDATE

On a "working" machine version is 2.1.1000.39
26/03/2021  03:54 PM           480,712 Ingres.Client.dll
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ingres\Ingres .NET Data Provider\v2.1\Ingres.Client.dll
19/10/2010  12:19 PM           480,712 Ingres.Client.dll

On a "broken" machine version is 2.1.1020.63.
09/09/2020  03:59 PM           503,808 Ingres.Client.dll
C:\Ingres .NET Data Provider\v2.1
12/03/2015  04:00 AM           503,808 Ingres.Client.dll

The DotNet applications have their own copy of Ingres.Client.dll

Version: 2.1.1000.37
08/05/2019  08:32 AM           480,712 ingres.client.dll
Version: 2.1.1000.37
15/08/2016  09:26 AM           480,712 ingres.client.dll
Version: 2.1.1000.39
C:\Program Files (x86)\Cookers\Price Adjustment
19/10/2010  01:19 PM           480,712 Ingres.Client.dll

I have checked the Ingres 11.2 installation log and cannot see any mention of updates to the DotNet provider.  I suspect there is a registry setting somewhere, or perhaps in the GAC.

Any suggestions?



Bodo Bergmann

Jun 20, 2022, 9:01:29 AM6/20/22
to, info-ingres

Hi Paul,


AFAIK, the .NET Data Provider uses ANSIDATE as default DATE_ALIAS for quite some time.

So, I assume that your “broken” machines are actually those working correctly (according to documentation).


So, in order to use literals in INGRESDATE format, you’ll either:

  • Explicitly use INGRESDATE() rather than DATE() functions in your SQL  OR
  • Use Date_alias or SendIngresDates connection string keyword


Note that the .NET Data Provider does not use configuration info of any local Ingres/OpenROAD installation (as it does not rely on Ingres Net).




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Paul White

Jun 20, 2022, 9:02:08 PM6/20/22
to, info-ingres

Thanks Bodo,

Actually the "broken" machines are the ones with the new 64bit installations.   I am pretty sure there was a change since 10.2

Working ok with provider version 2.1.1000.39 which I am sure arrived with Ingres 10.2 32bit.

"Broken" with provider version 2.1.1020.63 which came with Actian X 11.2 64bit.

I have some more testing to be done but it is not a real problem now. Rather it was just a surprise.

Yes, 11.2 documentation shows ANSIDATE is the default:



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