Please help. I'm being blocked from my website by openresty/

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Brian Quass

Dec 8, 2022, 11:05:18 AM12/8/22
to openresty-en
Can someone please help me?

I am being blocked from accessing my own website on a daily basis by openresty/  It's usually a 403 forbidden error, but sometimes says there's an SSL error and sometimes it says something about file sizes and permissions. Always the error page references openresty/

I have tried everything, from resetting permissions to re-creating my htaccess file.

-I am on a shared hosting package using an older UNIX Apache server
-The problem occurs only for myself, no one else (not for my ISP, not for my hosting provider)
-It occurs on both of my computers, on two different computers, on two different browsers
-I am blocked from my site for over an hour at a time.
-The block used to show up once a week, now it's at least once a day
-My provider says it's not their problem since they can't duplicate it on their end
-My ISP says it's not a problem with the router or modem

Please, how can I regain regular access to my own website without openresty blocking me?


PS One customer service rep from my hosting platform said I could "try" moving my site to one of their newer servers.  I'd like to avoid that if possible, since that would mean I would have to reprogram my site with a new version of php.

Junlong li

Dec 10, 2022, 4:07:10 AM12/10/22
to openresty-en
From your description, you do not use openresty at all.
When you can not access your website, you should ping your website to get the IP address.
I think your DNS has been hijacked.

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