jvm deep analysis tools based on non-invasive Dynamic Tracing technologies

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Aisse Tejas

Apr 15, 2024, 10:34:29 PMApr 15
to openresty-en
Hello everyone!

Our CEO has been leading some engineers in our team to focus on developing jvm deep analysis tools based on non-invasive Dynamic Tracing technologies like ebpf. We aim to release the first version this quarter. The tools are particularly suited for online production environments as they have minimal impact, unlike tools like BTrace and Alibaba's Arthas, which can significantly disrupt online java applications and pose high risks. They also operate independently of the JVM Safepoints, providing a comprehensive analysis with no blind spots.

When ready, OpenResty XRay will integrate these tracing tools into our AI diagnostic reasoning engine and analysis report generator. The initial release will support OpenJDK, and there is potential for future support for Oracle's proprietary JDK. This approach avoids using mechanisms like JVM's Agent for code injection, enabling a completely read-only analysis of Java services already running online, akin to taking an X-ray.

The full dynamic probes at Java methods' entry and exit points are just one of many tracing features, including JIT-compiled code. Additionally, the tool will offer CPU hotspot analysis, IO blocking and lock contention analysis, memory usage analysis, GC analysis, exception analysis, thread scheduling analysis, latency analysis, targeted smart packet capture for network traffic, and tracking of Java data structure states.

We can also support older systems like CentOS/RHEL 7 with 3.10 kernels and even ancient versions of JVM, as our technology does not rely on any cooperation or assistance from the JVM itself.

Feedback and questions are welcome! 

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